You know when you’r  our age you never really think about what lies a head of you in the future like getting a house , payying bills doing the iorning and washing up , doing the cooking and cleaning up and you’ve got to get a job .Speaking of job latley in class we’ve had some visitors to our class to tell us about their jobs like Mrs Hart’s daughter  came into talk to us about journilisim and then Mrs summers son came into speak to us about photoagraphy, which has really got me thinking about what i want to be when i’m older i have a few ideas:

First of all a patholigist, whic if you don’t know what that means is if theres been a murder you go to the crime seen and tell the detectives what they  died of and what was in their body at the time of the murder.So you have to be quite brainy for that one

Second of all a mechanic in the RAF, thats like fixing the palnes and stuff like that so that would mean moving up to Lechucars wich is past St.Andrews  My grans caravan is about ten miles from there and thats a beautiful place to live .Anyway.

 My nex desision  is a nurse i want to work a the York Hill hospital in Glasgow (thats the one for children )though I’m not too sure about all the rush hour traffic in the morning.

My last desision is a rally driver.I don’t know why but i’ve always fancied it.I want to be they type that does the formula one.

And thats my desicions for the future


Latley on other blogs  videos that have been made on google videos ,everything  they dont work because have been  banned them  and other people have spent ages making a video for other people to see and they can’t if you think p7’s are responsible enough to watch a clean video please leave me a comment

wonderfull wii

recently in our class we have been looking at the allstar’s blog’s {a school in austrailua} and they have a wii  and we a have been concentrating on keeping healthy and excersising and we thought that we could do this by buying a wii but as i costs £180.00 then we didn’t have that kind of money so now we’re consentrating on ways that we could get enough money to buy a wii we thought about getting people like ” RBS,the mall,Halifax,ect” to sponser us  and  we were going to do a sale but you dont raise much money there so we didn’t go through with that plan .But in the next couple of months we hope to be playing that wii. Thank you for taking you’r time to read my post

The last few weeks

The last few weeks we’ve had in a student teacher called Mrs Paton she is really nice but she will be leaving on the 12/10/07 and she’s going on her holl’s  also we and the other 7’s have been practising for our assembley .We  will be singing it’s a jungle out there , cool stuff ,real smart kid and surfin sid there all about internet saftey because we’ve only had our bogs for 5 week’s and we want every body to know how dangerous the internet can be  so don’t tell anyone you’r personal details and you should be fine but don’t go on dead end sites

My Review On Webbliworld

Webbliworld is a site for clhildren  aged 6-10years old  there’s lots of things to do i.e games,video clips , competitions  you can win books and an ipod but you need to register to be able to play and enter the compotision   it’s really good  but you need to make a webbli  but its a bit slow here is the webaddress http://www.webbliworld.com/. It’s gtreat  have a go.See ya there.